Come together and enjoy!

With an extensive bar snack menu, more than ten open wines and our characteristic hospitality, Brût offers you a perfect place to meet.

Brût lunch

An important business lunch in a relaxed atmosphere or a cozy lunch with family and friends? With us you are in good hands. You can have lunch in our attractive brasserie or on our new terrace. Our kitchen staff will surprise you with quality dishes to make a success of it.

Brût dinner

For a night out we give you a warm welcome in our Brasserie. An extensive dinner menu, supplemented by Brût Specials and three-course menus, gives you plenty of choice to enjoy a delicious culinary experience. Our wide range of open wines also contributes to a wonderful evening.

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Portion of 8 Dutch 'bitterballen' (deep-friet meat balls)5,50  
Portion of sliced sausage5,50  
Portion of cheese5,50  


Appetizer platter9,50 

‘Brût breadplatter’4,00 

Rustic bread - butter - herb butter - dip

Onion soup6,00  
Tomato soup6,00  
Vegetable soup6,00  
Croque monsieur5,50  
Vegetatian Croque monsieur6,00  
Fried eggs Brût9,00 

Bacon | tomato | cheese

Farmer's omelette9,00  
Mushroom omelette9,00  
Brût lunch12,00 

Small bowl of soup | mini Brût burger | mini sandwich

Main-course salad - vegetarian11,50  
Main-course salad - chicken13,75 

Mushrooms | fried onions | herb dressing

Main-course salad - fish15,00 

Fried onions | mustard dressing

Two meat croquettes served with bread7,50  
Serrano ham on bread8,00 

Truffle mayonaisse | pine nuts

Home-made tuna salad on bread9,50  
Fried mushrooms, onion and garlic butter on bread9,50  
Stir-fried tenderloin tips with fries and salad18,75  

Brût sandwiches

‘Smoked chicken sandwich’8,50 

Smoked chicken | cheese | bacon | fried egg

‘Norwegian salmon sandwich’11,50 

Smoked Norwegian salmon | remoulade sauce

‘Beef sandwich’11,50 

Carpaccio of tenderloin | truffle mayonnaise | pine nuts | truffle cheese

Oysters3,25 each 

Les fines de claires | au naturel or au gratin

‘Dordogne’ Brût style9,50 

Mushroom | beer batter | garlic mayonnaise | herb salad

Gravad lax12,50 

Salmon smoked à la minute | chicory | cucumber | rosemary mayonnaise

Carpaccio of beef tenderloin12,50 

Truffle mayonnaise | truffle cheese | pine nuts

Vitello tonnato 2.012,50 

Loin of veal | grilled tuna| mini jam | capers | sesame mayonnaise

Lobster soup8,00 

Fresh lobster | whisky | spring onion

Pumpkin soup7,00 

Curry cream | pine nuts

Cauliflower soup7,00 

Coconut oil | crispy onions


Double-strength beef broth | pigeon breast | vegetables

Fish and seafood

Pike-perch fillet21,50 

Fennel | white wine sauce with lime

Weeverfish fillet23,50 

Tomato crumble | creamed potatoes | crayfish sauce

Lobster Thermidor31,50 

Lobster au gratin | Gruyère cheese | shallots | parsley | Cognac | garlic


Grilled lobster | Hollandaise sauce


Duck breast22,50 

Confit | morel sauce | risotto with wild mushrooms

Rack of pork22,50 

Carrots | mustard sauce | honey | crispy onions

Bavette steak26,50 

Beef | mushrooms | red wine sauce


Celeriac cream | celeriac cooked sous-vide | sherry jus



Goat's cheese | tomato | rocket

Vegetarian tapas18,75 
Lemon sole21,00 

Fish served whole | lime and pepper mayonnaise

'Brût burger'16,50 

American beef | brioche | tomato salsa | pulled chicken | young cheese | bacon | fries

Lamb burger16,50 

Lamb | brioche | tomato salsa | pulled chicken | young cheese | fries


Veal | garlic jus

Caramel parfait8,00 

Caramel crumble | sea salt | chocolate brownie


Cheesecake | lemon ice cream

Sweet bites8,00 

A selection of mini desserts served with tea or coffee

Cheese board with 3 cheeses9,00 

Rich fruit loaf | apple syrup | walnuts

Cheese board with 4 cheeses11,50 

Rich fruit loaf | apple syrup | walnuts

Cheese board with 5 cheeses13,00 

Rich fruit loaf | apple syrup | walnuts

Brût menu

Soup of the day
Spare ribs - choice of sauces


Stir-fried chiecken - soy sauce


Salmon - Remoulade sauce
Dessert of the day22,50  

Surprise menu

9 smaller portions served as 4 courses42,50 

Daily menu

Three-course menu (changes daily)28,75 

Ask staff for details

Children's menu

Tomato soup with meatballs
Mini Brût burger


Chicken nuggets / sausace / meat croquette


Spare ribs
Ice cream10,00 

Our menu for children is served with fries and apple sauce

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday from 10.00 a.m.

See you soon

Regards, Brasserie Brût.

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